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C=Closed, Addicts Only
RF=Rotating Format
M=Men Only
SS=Spanish Speaking
W=Women Only
CW=Children Welcome
BS=Book Study
CC=Child Care Provided
SD=Speaker Discussion
JFT=Just For Today
=Wheelchair Accessible
BN=Area Birthday Night
  (see Schedule below)

Area Birthday Night Schedule
June - Lodi Fellowship
(3rd Sunday of the month at 6:00pm)
July & Aug. - Recovery At Work
(Last Friday of the month at 7:00pm)
Sept. & Oct. - We Do Recover
(Last Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm)
Nov. & Dec. - Last House on the Block
(Last Friday of the month at 7:00pm)

Disclaimer: These meetings have been reported by the group to have this accessibility
Friday, 25 Oct 2019
  • Dinner And A Meeting (RF)
    7:00 pm-8:00 pm
    1329 W 11th St, Tracy, CA

    (Perko's Restaurant. Most arrive 30 minutes early to order, dinner is optional)

Sunday, 27 Oct 2019
Tuesday, 29 Oct 2019